The youth in our confirmation program serve as acolytes in our weekend worship services. The word "acolyte" comes from the New Testament word "to follow." In our worship services the acolytes assist with the offering, communion and extinguishing the candles. 

If you are unable to acolyte according to the schedule below, please email Pastor Adle at or call and leave a message at 618-344-3151. Below the schedule we also have a quick review of acolyting procedures.

Acolyting Procedures

Here is a short video showing the steps of being an acolyte for a service:

Here are the basic steps…

  1. Entering (Both Acolytes): Go out around the communion rail and bow at the front of the altar. Step up and bow at the slate steps. Go over to the baptismal font side or the pulpit side. Bring your sermon notes (8th graders).
  2. Helping with the Offering: (Pulpit Side Acolyte) Bring the offering plates to the center for the ushers to pick up. Receive them from the ushers and put them on the side table.
  3. Helping with Communion: (Both Acolytes) Come to the communion rail with the pastors and elders to receive communion if confirmed or the baptismal blessing. After communing, take one silver communion cup tray and follow after the pastors and elders serving communion. Keep one person between yourself and the elder serving communion (don’t follow right next to the elder). Take care not to let the cups stack up too high. You can go get the second tray if necessary. Put trays back on side table after communion.
  4. Extinguishing the Candles: the (Baptismal Side Acolyte) During the second verse of the last hymn take the candle lighter with you around the baptismal font to the altar. Bow, then go to the candles and extinguish them in any order. Come back to the gray steps in front of the altar and bow.
  5. Leaving: (Both Acolytes) While the other acolyte is extinguishing the candles, the pulpit side acolyte should come to the slate steps in front of the altar. When the candles are extinguished, both acolytes should bow at the slate steps and return the to sacristy going around the communion rail.
  6. If there is only one acolyte, sit on the pulpit side and help with the offering and communion. If you want, you can extinguish the candles (see #4), or you can just leave the candles, and an usher will extinguish them later.

February Schedule

Service    2/1-2         2/8-9     2/15-16  2/22-23 2/29
5:30 G. Buatte
O. Twyman
A. Lockmann
J. Crivello
I Swarthout 
8:00 A. Halbrooks 
J. Fiudo
M. Overby 
S. Stuckey 
E. Pinkel 
M. Sommer  
10:30 J. Kruta 
K. Martin 
A. Bicanic 
R. Bicanic
T. Chenault 
J. McDaniel 
G. Combs 
S. Tottleben 

January Schedule

Service    1/4-5       1/11-12 1/18-19 1/25-26  
5:30 G. Buatte
O. Twymann
A. Lochmann
J. Crivello
I. Swarthout 
8:00 A. Halbrooks 
J. Fiudo
M. Overby 
S. Stuckey 
E. Pinkel 
M. Sommer  
10:30 G. Combs 
M. Hollenberg 
E. Hill 
D. Lawrence
A. Hilmes 
K. Maine 
E. Hood 
E. Martin