Bible Study Creation


March 17 - April 14, 2019
by Pastor Michael P. Walther

Right now if you Google: "Ten Facts of Evolution," you will find no actual facts that prove that complex life forms can evolve on their own from non-living matter. You will find examples of small changes in creatures due to variation and mutation. But there is no evidence of these kinds of changes leading to new and improved creatures. Science has never pointed us to an accident. It has always pointed us to the Creator. 

1. Two Different Ideas  Handout 

2. The Age of the Earth: Handout 

3. Interpreting Genesis: Handout 

4. The Challenge of Complexity:  Handout 

5. Serious Questions for Theistic Evolutionists:  Handout 

6. Fossils:  Handout 

7. The Flood: Handout