Bible Study-Reality of Evil


Atheists deny the existence of spiritual evil. All evil is blamed on bad politics, lack of education, or economics, etc. Christians sometimes ignore the role of evil in life or make too much of it. Jesus taught us to pray, "Deliver us from Evil." Such an important prayer is needed because of such a serious reality. 

Handouts and Videos of each class will be coming soon!

1. The Origins and Existence of Evil

2. The Methods of Evil

3. Christ's Victory Over Evil

4. Christian Resistance to Evil

5. Demonic Possession and Oppression

6. Evil and the End-Times

7. The Theme of Evil and the Victory of Christ in Christian Literature




House Swept Clean

This paper by Darrell McCulley presents a Biblically balanced pattern for the diagnosis, exorcism and pastoral care of victims of demonic possession. McCulley was a student at Concordia Seminary when he wrote this. 

Battle Plan Scriptures

Terri and Jeff Blasingame prepared this list of Scriptures that teach us about the reality of evil and particularly how we battle against it.