August 11, 2019  Ninth Sunday After Pentecost  Pastor Scott Adle

Luke 12:22-40  "Why Are You Anxious?"  Audio

Jesus talks about anxiety in today's gospel reading. But what makes us more anxious -- the items that Jesus mentions, or the fact that He mentions them?


August 4, 2019  Eigth Sunday After Pentecost  Pastor Michael P Walther

Psalm 25:4  "Jesus, Help Me Understand"  Audio

Understanding flows from faith. It is the opposite of sinful pride. We pray to God for understanding, and He gives it.


July 28, 2019  Seventh Sunday After Pentecost  Pastor Michael P Walther

1 Thessalonians 5:18  "Jesus, Help Me Give Thanks"  Audio

This one often gets overlooked -- we pray for something to happen, and when it does we are happy, and simply go on about our lives.


July 21, 2019  Sixth Sunday After Pentecost  Pastor Scott Adle

Luke 10:38-42  "One Thing Needful"  Audio

Often, to those who have been Christian for a while, the gospel kind of fades into the background, as if it were a normal thing. But then, in a reading like today's, it is portrayed so starkly that we wonder if we could be hearing it correctly.


July 14, 2019  Fifth Sunday After Pentecost  Pastor Michael P Walther

Mark 9:24 "Jesus, Help Me Believe"  Text  Audio 

At first, believing might seem like an easy thing. But when the enemies of faith bear down upon us, we need a prayer to remain steadfast in our faith.


July 7, 2019  Fouth Sunday After Pentecost  Pastor Michael P Walther

Jeremiah 31:18 "Jesus, Help Me Repent"  Text  Audio 

All good things begin when we listen to God's word. One of the first things that word will do is to call us to repentance. How can we repent?


June 30, 2019  Third Sunday After Pentecost  Pastor Scott Adle

Luke 9:51-62  Audio

James and John wanted to call down fire on a Samaritan village. Jesus rebukes them. What did they learn from that incident? What do we learn from it?


June 23, 2019  Second Sunday After Pentecost  Pastor Scott Adle

Luke 8:26-39  Audio

This reading has many things that we probably have not encounted in our lives. But there is one thing I am sure we have all come across. What is it, and why is it so troubling?


June 16, 2019  Trinity Sunday  Pastor Michael P Walther

"Jesus, Help Me Listen!"  John 8  Audio

This is the first in a series of sermons entitled "Jesus, Help Me." In this first sermon, we know that we ask God for help in many situations. But do we listen to His answer?


June 9, 2019  Pentecost  Pastor Scott Adle

"Are You Bringing the Kingdom?" Acts 2:1-21, John 14:22-31  Audio

What we have happen on in Pentecost may not be what the disciples were expecting. But Jesus did talk about how He would manifefst Himself in the world.


June 2, 2019  Seventh Sunday of Easter  Pastor Michael P. Walther

"The Ascension" Luke 24:44-53  Text  Audio

The ascension of Jesus assures us that He hasn't left us but is available to us now in an even better way.


May 26, 2019  Sixth Sunday of Easter  Pastor Scott Adle

"Do You Want to Be Healed?"  John 5:1-19  Audio

Jesus asks a question here in John chapter five. The answer appears obvious? But maybe it's not.


May 19, 2019  Fifth Sunday of Easter  Pastor Michael P. Walther

"How the Holy Spirit Leads Us" John 16:12-20   Text  Audio  

Jesus prepared us for reality: In this world you will have sorrow because of its rejection of God. But your sorrow will be turned to joy through the work of the Holy Spirit and the truth that He teaches.


May 12, 2019  Fourth Sunday of Easter (Good Shepherd Sunday)  Pastor Scott Adle

John 10:22-30  Audio

We find the picture of Jesus as our Good Shepherd to be a comforting one. But is that picture too trite?


May 5, 2019  Third Sunday of Easter  Pastor Michael Walther

"This Is Why We Don't Give Up on Enemies of the Gospel" Acts 9:1-20 Text  Audio 

The conversion of Saul reminds us how God can turn even the most ruthless opponent of the Christian faith. We should never give up hope of the transformative power of the Easter Gospel.


April 28, 2019  First Sunday of Easter  Pastor Scott Adle

John 20:19-31  Audio

Thomas may have been wrong, but he wasn't all wrong. So, what did Thomas get right?


April 21, 2019  Easter Sunday  Pastor Michael Walther

"Freedom From the Dominion of Death"  1 Corinthians 15:51-57  Text  Audio

On Palm Sunday we talked about how Christ frees us from the dominion of sin. This Easter, we talk about how Christ frees us from the dominion of death.


April 14, 2019  Palm Sunday  Pastor Michael P. Walther

"Jesus' Death and Resurrection Sets Us Free From the Dominion of Sin" Romans 6:4-6  Text  Audio

Life is not an accident. We were meant to know and love God who made us. But sin destroys this and all of life. Jesus came to set us free from the terrible dominion of sin.


April 7, 2019  Lent 5  Pastor Scott Adle


March 31, 2019  Lent 4  Pastor Michael P. Walther

"Jesus Died for Prodigal, Promiscuous and Proud People" Luke 15:11-32   Text  Audio

The Parable of the Prodigal Son shows us just how patient God is in His love toward all people no matter how stupid, disrespectful and irresponsible they might be. The parable also shows us how to avoid being pharisaical toward people like this.


March 24, 2019  Sanctity of Life Service  Pastor Mark Surburg

Mark 10:13-16  Text  Audio

Rev Mark Surburg preached for our Life Service this year. In his sermon he touched on various topics having to do with life, but has a special focus on the loss of life through miscarriage.


March 24, 2019  Lent 3  Pastor Scott Adle

"Surely Our Sins Are Upon Us"  Luke 13:1-9  Audio  Video

The last two weeks we have looked at two of the opponents to God's word and work: the devil and the sinful world. Today we look at a third: ourselves.


March 17, 2019  Lent 2  Pastor Michael P. Walther

"The Rage of Unbelief -- Look Beyond It" Philipians 3:17-4:1  Audio  Video

The world reacts to Christ with rage and unbelief. But just as Jesus endured, so can we: "Stand fast in the Lord, beloved." 


March 10, 2019  Lent 1  Pastor Michael P. Walther

"Are God and the Devil Real? How Do We Know Which One We Serve?"  Luke 4:1-13 Text  Audio   Video

The temptation of Jesus shows us how He overcame the reality of evil for us so that we can now resist it and serve God.


March 3, 2019  Transfiguration  Pastor Scott Adle

"Wild Virtues"  Luke 9:28-36  Audio  Video

We often think that what is wrong in the world is the vices. But could it be virtues instead? How could that be?


February 27, 2019  Evening Prayer  Pastor Michael P. Walther

"I Am Joseph!" Genesis 43.3-5  Text  Audio

"After graduating summa cum laude from God's school of leadership, Joseph gave his brothers a little course in the same."


February 24, 2019  Seventh Sunday After the Epiphany  Pastor Michael P. Walther

Three Lessons for Life Luke 6:27-38  Text  Audio  Video

Love your enemies. Follow the Golden Rule. Speak with the goal of forgiveness. Remember that God will give back what you have given.


February 17, 2019  Sixth Sunday After the Epiphany  Pastor Scott Adle

Luke 6:17-26  Audio  Video

These last two weeks we have heard people with problems approaching the Lord. How does He answer them?


February 10, 2019  Fifth Sunday After the Epiphany  Pastor Michael Walther

"I Will Praise You Among the Gods"  Psalm 138  Text   Audio

The false gods during Old Testament times, like Baal, were gods of tolerance and pleasure. But what did they actually lead to? How does this compare with the God David worshiped?


February 3, 2019  Fourth Sunday After the Epiphany  Pastor Aaron Mueller

1 Corinthians 12:31b-13:13  Audio  Video

Paul describes love in 1 Corinthians 13. But what does Paul mean by love, and what do we mean by that word?


January 27, 2019  Third Sunday After the Epiphany  Pastor Michael P. Walther

"Learning God's Word" Nehemiah 8.8-10 Audio  Video  Text

When some people hear God's word, they love it. When some hear it, they hate it. Why? 


January 20, 2019  Second Sunday After the Epiphany  Pastor Scott Adle

"The First of Signs"  John 2:1-11  Audio  Video

The gospel reading today involves a wedding feast where Jesus turns water into wine. John tells us that this is the first of Jesus' signs Now, of all the things to be done in the world, why would Jesus do this as the first sign?


January 13, 2019  Second Sunday After Christmas  Pastor Michael Walther

"I Have Called You By Name"  Isaiah 43:1  Audio  Text   Video

Why does God say to Israel that He knew them by name? The reality is that our salvation is a deeply personal salvation. 


January 6, 2019  Epiphany  Pastor Michael Walther

"Some Seek, Some Suppress"  Matthew 2:1-18  Audio  Text  Video

In our gospel reading, we hear of some people who seek the Christ, while others try and suppress Him. How do we do this in our own lives?


December 30, 2018  First Sunday After Christmas  Pastor Scott Adle

"Salvation, Consolation, Redemption"  Luke 2:22-40  Audio  Video

Simeon and Anna stick out in the gospels because they recognize Jesus to be the Christ, they see Him to be  salvation, consolation, and redemption for God's people.


December 25, 2018  Christmas  Pastor Scott Adle

"What Do You Like About Christmas?"  John 1:1-14 

The question "What do you like about Christmas?" finds many answers from young and old. Yet many people leave out the basic reason to like Christmas


December 24, 2018  Christmas Eve  Pastor Walther

"Is Christmas Real?" John 1:1 & Revelation 21:3-4  Text   Audio  Video

The reality of Christmas begins with creation, the restoration of that fallen creation, and the hope of the new creation.


December 23, 2018  Fourth Sunday in Advent  Pastor Scott Adle 

Luke 1:39-56  Audio

Elisabeth and Mary celebrate the child in Mary's womb because they know that He will save God's people from their enemies.


December 16, 2018  Third Sunday in Advent  Pastor Aaron Mueller

"The Lord Is At Hand" Philippians 4:4-7  Audio   Video

Anxiety seems to be high at this time of year -- or, for many, at many times in life. What does Paul say in Philippians have to say about our anxieties?


December 9, 2018  Second Sunday in Advent  Pastor Scott Adle

Luke 3:1-14  Audio  Video

In this gospel reading we hear about John the Baptist. What does John say? Does it mean anything for us today?


December 2, 2018  First Sunday of Advent  Pastor Michael P. Walther

"Understanding and Enjoying Worship" Genesis 22:1-17  Text  Audio

Beginning with the Sacrifice of Isaac I show what worship really means. I also explain some of the physical elements of worship: The Altar, Cross, Baptismal Font, and Pulpit. 


November 25, 2018  Last Sunday of the Church Year  Pastor Aaron Mueller

Jude 17-25  Audio

Jude mentions "scoffers" in his letter. What does he mean by this, and what does it look like in the church?


November 22, 2018  Thanksgiving  Pastor Michael P. Walther

"How God Helps Us to Be Thankful" Luke 17:11-19  Text  Audio

Why are we sometimes unthankful? How can God help us to be more thankful?  


November 18, 2018  Twenty-sixth Sunday After Pentecost  Pastor Scott Adle

"Good Ending"  Mark 13:1-13  Audio

I think most people (even too many church people) think the End of the world is a bad thing. The Scriptures beg to differ.


November 11, 2018  Twenty-fifth Sunday After Pentecost  Pastor Michael P. Walther

"How God Helps Us Help Others"  1 Kings 17:8-16  Audio

We are in a world full of violence and tragedy. The world offers many solutions, but, tragically, leave out the only real one. The God of Elijah supplies it.


November 4, 2018  All Saints' Day  Pastor Scott Adle

"All Saints"  Matthew 5  Audio

The Kingdom of God will only be populated with saints. So, who are the saints? How do you define "saint"? How does Jesus define it?


October 28, 2018  Reformation Sunday  Pastor Michael P. Walther

"Preaching the Eternal Gospel" Revelation 14:6-7  Text  Audio

Sometimes people think the devil is winning in this world. Not so! Sin is short-lived, and corruption soon follows. But the Gospel is eternal beginning with God's creation and ending with His salvation.


October 21, 2018  Twenty-second Sunday After Pentecost  Pastor Scott Adle

"Who Wants to Be Rich?"  Mark 10:23-31  Audio

There is a lotto going on that will make the winner extremely rich. Many of us would like those winnings. But what does Jesus say about wealth?


October 14, 2018  Twenty-first Sunday After Pentecost  Pastor Aaron Mueller

"Good Teacher"  Mark 10:17-27  Audio

The rich man who runs up to Jesus makes a remark about Jesus being good. Jesus responds by saying, "Why do you call me good? No one is good but God alone." So, what does being good look like?


October 7, 2018  Twentieth Sunday After Pentecost  Pastor Michael P. Walther

"Believe in the Blessing of Children!"  Text  Audio

God has given us many blessings in creation, marriage, and children. These blessings also have a tremendous impact on the way we live our lives. 


September 30, 2018  Nineteenth Sunday After Pentecost  Pastor Scott Adle

"Overstatement, or Understatement?"  Audio

When Jesus said to cut off a hand or foot, did He mean it? Is Jesus simply overstating things to make a point . . . or understating them?


September 26, 2018 Midweek Worship  Pastor Michael Walther

"Do Christians Have to Go to Church?" Luke 10:40-42  Text  

Less than twenty percent of Christians worship regularly in America. What does God think of this? What should you think of this?


September 23, 2018  Eighteenth Sunday After Pentecost  Pastor Michael Walther

"Demote Yourself" Mark 9:30-37  Text  Audio

Both the epistle reading from James, as well as the gospel reading today have thoughts on how we think and speak about ourselves. How does our pride factor in to our faith?


September 16, 2018  Seventeenth Sunday After Pentecost  Pastor Scott Adle

Mark 9:14-29  Audio

In Mark 9, Jesus heals a boy who had been possessed by a demon. That's how we all remember the story. But the story is not that simple.


September 12, 2018  Evening Prayer  Pastor Michael P. Walther

"What About Those Who Have Never Heard?"  Text  Audio

This is an important question that tempts us to question God's justice or to create alternative ways of salvation. But God's word does give us some help.


September 9, 2018  Sixteenth Sunday After Pentecost  Pastor Michael P. Walther

"Strength" Isaiah 35:4  Text  Audio

There are many different kinds of strength that we have been given and that we seek in life. But there is only one that will never fail us.


September 2, 2018  Fifteenth Sunday After Pentecost  Pastor Scott Adle

"Minor and Major Points"  Mark 7:14-23  Audio

These gospel readings from Mark 7 lately may sound a little academic -- "Who cares about washing hands, and what can or cannot be eaten?" We've never really had to deal with these issues. So does this chapter have anything to say that applies to us?


August 26, 2018  Fourteenth Sunday After Pentecost  Pastor Michael Walther

"Truth of the Traditions of Man"  Mark 7:6-7  Text  Audio

If Jesus says that the traditions of men may be bad, where do we find certainty? Where do we find the truth?


August 19, 2018  Thirteenth Sunday After Pentecost  Pastor Aaron Mueller

Ephesians 5:18  Audio

Paul talks about not being filled with wine, but rather being filled with the Spirit.


August 12, 2018  Twelfth Sunday After Pentecost  Pastor Michael Walther

"The Son of God in the Flesh"  Text  Audio

What did Jesus mean when He said that He gave His flesh to eat? How does He give it, and what good does it do for us?


August 5, 2018  Eleventh Sunday After Pentecost  Pastor Scott Adle

"Too Little is More Than Enough"  John 6:22-35  Audio

Jesus is able to feed multitudes with what appears to be too little. We heard that a few weeks ago with the Feeding of the 5,000. We hear about it also when Jesus talks about the Bread from Heaven.


July 29, 2018  Tenth Sunday After Pentecost  Pastor Michael Walther

"The Flood and the Rainbow"  Genesis 6-9  Audio

God is a God of judgment and salvation. We see this in the story of Noah and the ark, as well as when we look at the rest of the scriptures.


July 22, 2018  Ninth Sunday After Pentecost  Pastor Aaron Mueller

Mark 6:30-44  Audio

The disciples return from the short mission Jesus had sent them on. How does what they did connect to you, and what you do?


July 15, 2018  Eighth Sunday After Pentecost  Pastor Anthony DiLiberto

"The Beheading of John the Baptist"  Mark 6:14-29  Audio

Anthony was recently ordained, and has been called to be a misisonary in Puerto Rico. Here he reflects on what a pastor is called to preach and teach, as he looks at the career of John the Baptist.


July 8, 2018  Seventh Sunday After Pentecost  Pastor Michael P. Walther

"And He Marveled at Their Unbelief" Mark 6:6  Text  Audio

Some people today are amazed that Christians still believe in such things as creation, that the Son of God became man, died, rose and is coming again. But Jesus was amazed that anyone would not believe. Why?


July 1, 2018  Sixth Sunday After Pentecost  Pastor Scott Adle

"Only Believe"  Mark 5:21-43  Audio

An emergency comes up in our gospel reading today - a 12-year old girl is on her deathbed. How does Jesus respond? Not by running. Not by hurrying. What's going on here?


June 24, 2018  Fifth Sunday After Pentecost  Pastor Aaron Mueller

Mark 4:35-41  Audio

A great storm, sailors afraid they are going to drown, a man sleeping in the boat who needs to be awaken, and he is the one who can calm the storm -- which bible story are we talking about? How does it fit with our gospel reading?


June 17, 2018  Fourth Sunday After Pentecost  Pastor Michael Walther

"Heaven Help Us"  2 Corinthians 5:1-10  Text  Audio

Paul talks in the epistle reading about leaving to be with Christ and how that is better. The Scriptures are forthright about death and dying, and what that means for Christians.


June 3, 2018  Second Sunday After Pentecost  Pastor Michael Walther

"Our Rest in Christ"  Deuteronomy 5:12-15  Audio

The Third Commandment deals with the Sabbath, with rest. Pastor Walther discusses what the commandment menas, and how it points to Jesus.


May 27, 2018  Trinity Sunday  Pastor Scott Adle

"Never Alone"  John 3:1-17  Audio

"Why the Trinity?" is one of those questions that pops up in regard to God. For Trinity Sunday we look at that question, and ask what the Trinity does mean for us.


May 20, 2018  Pentecost Sunday  Pastor Aaron Mueller

John 15:26-27, 16:4b-15  Audio

Why is Jesus leaving? This is a question the disciples must have had. Jesus answers that question, and speaks of sending the Holy Spirit.


May 13, 2018 Seventh Sunday of Easter Pastor Michael P. Walther

"Why Is There Only One Way of Salvation?" 1 John 5:12  Text  Audio

Many people are resistent, even upset by this teaching. But the truth is that no other religion teaches a "way of salvation." They all teach a way of getting to heaven (or something like that) by moral effort. Only Jesus teaches that we are saved by the free gift of His moral effort.


May 6, 2018  Sixth Sunday of Easter  Pastor Scott Adle

"Commands and Rules"  John 15:9-17  Audio

Jesus says in our reading today, "You are my friends if you do what I command you." The world hears that, and it confirms what they thought about Christianity. Many Christians may hear that and wonder how that fits with Christianity at all.


April 29, 2018  Fifth Sunday of Easter  Pastor Michael P Walther

"The Easter Expansion" Acts 8:26-40  Text  Audio

God told Philip to "go near" and he "preached Jesus" to the Ethiopian. This is how God has saved us and is still saving this world.


April 22, 2018  Fourth Sunday of Easter  Pastor Aaron Mueller

1 John 3:16-24  "Love Each Other"  Audio

Saying that we love someone may be different than actually loving them, although it should not be. John calls us to love in deed and in truth.


April 15, 2018  Third Sunday of Easter  Pastor Michael P Walther

"The Easter Impact"  Luke 24:44-49  Text  Audio

What would is the world like without Easter? What impact does Easter have on your personal life, family life, and on the world?


April 8, 2018  Second Sunday of Easter  Pastor Scott Adle

The Easter Response  John 20:19-31  Audio

"He is risen indeed!" is how we respond to the announcement of Jesus' resurrection. For some reason, however, that doesn't seem to be the response of those on the scene. Why not? Why do we respond the way we do?


April 1, 2018  Easter Sunday  Pastor Michael P Walther

"The Path of Life"  Psalm 16:11  Text  Audio

"You will show me the path of life. In Your presence there is fulness of joy." What does Jesus' death and resurrection mean for our lives?


March 25, 2018  Palm Sunday  Pastor Scott Adle

John 12:12-19, Matthew 27:45-56.  Audio

What does it matter to us that some Jews claim Jesus as their king? Why does His proclamation of 'Peace' mean anything to us? Why is it good news?


March 18, 2018  Fifth Sunday in Lent  Pastor Michael Walther

"To Serve Rather Than to Be Served"  Mark 10:45   Audio

Ambition -- we regard ambition as a good thing. We want success in life. But the bible also warns us that ambition can be a problem. How do we sort it out?


March 11, 2018  Fourth Sunday in Lent  Pastor Scott Adle

"Loved So"  Numbers 21:4-9; John 3:14-21.   Audio

The Israelites were in need of some saving, so God responds in a unique way. What situation do we find ourselves in, and what is God's answer?


March 4, 2018  Third Sunday in Lent  Pastor Aaron Mueller

1 Corinthians 1:18-2:5  Audio

Foolish and weak -- that's how the apostle Paul describes the message of the gospel, the people hearing that message, as well as himself, the deliverer of that message. So how is that going to save people?


February 25, 2018  Second Sunday in Lent  Pastor Michael Walther

"God's Answer to the Problem of Worry" Romans 5:1-11. Text   Audio

Psychologists tell us to focus more on the the good than the bad. That is helpful. But God provides more than that. His solution to the problem of worry is to focus on the ultimate good of His justification and salvation.


February 18, 2018  First Sunday in Lent  Pastor Scott Adle

"Every Good Gift"  James 1:12-18 and Mark 1:9-15   Audio

How do we get good gifts? What kind of god supplies them?


February 11, 2018  Transfiguration  Pastor Michael Walther

"God Is Love. Listen to Jesus!"  Mark 9:2-9  Text  Audio

"This is my beloved Son. Listen to Him!" So instructs the Father in heaven. How do we listen to Jesus?


February 4, 2018  Fifth Sunday After Epiphany  Pastor Aaron Mueller

Mark 1:29-39   Audio

In Mark one we see Jesus on a mission -- announcing the kingdom, and calling people into it. But how does that continue today?


January 28, 2018  Fourth Sunday After Epiphany  Pastor Scott Adle

"A Prophet Like Moses"  Deut 18:15-20 and Mark 1:21-28   Audio

Moses tells of a prophet who will come after him, who would speak the word of the Lord. Jesus comes preaching and teaching with authority. How does "authority" sit with us?


January 21, 2018  Life Sunday Service  Pastor Christopher Esget

"The Glory of God is a living man"  John 7:37-39   Audio

The Southern Illinois District put on a special service for Life Sunday 2018. We invited the LCMS's 6th Vice President, Rev Christopher Esget to preach.


January 21, 2018  Third Sunday After Epiphany  Pastor Michael Walther

Four Fishermen  Mark 1:14-20. Text  Audio

Jesus began to preach the gospel message of repentance and forgiveness. He also called His first disciples to do the same. The calling of the four fisermen teaches us what it means to believe the gospel, to be called, and to leave our nets. 


January 14, 2018  Second Sunday After Eiphany  Pastor Scott Adle

"Do Not Be Deceived"  1 Corinthians 6:9-20  Audio

Paul warns in his letter to the Corinthians: Do not be deceived. We'd like to think to imagine that our temptations would be different from people who lived so long ago, but look at the list Paul provides -- it sure sounds familiar. How do we cope in a deceitful world?


January 7, 2018 Epiphany  Pastor Michael Walther

"Lessons From the Epiphany" Matthew 2:1-11 Text  Audio

The magi show us that there is no conflict between the Bible and science. We also have a "star" to follow. Finally, we have presents for Jesus.


December 31, 2017 First Sunday After Christmas  Pastor Aaron Mueller


December 24, 2017   Christmas Eve   Pastor Michael Walther

"The Fullness of Time". Galatians 4:1-7  Text  Audio

Have you ever wondered where "B.C." and "A.D." come from? They come from the Son of God, who came in the fullness of time to redeem us from our slavery to an empty and unspiritual world. 


December 24, 2017   Advent 4   Pastor Scott Adle

"Backstory"  Luke 1:26-38  Audio

We all love the Nativity scene at Christmas. But why do we love it? What is actually the good news about the Nativity scene?


December 17, 2017   Advent 3   Pastor Aaron Mueller

1 Thessalonians 5:16-24  Audio

These verses in 1 Thessalonians five tells us how we are to live -- and they don't hold back. The section ends by telling us how we live -- and it doesn't hold back either.


December 10, 2017  Advent 2  Pastor Scott Adle

"What Sort of People?" 2 Peter 3:8-14, Mark 1:1-11  Audio

The epistle reading for today asks this question: What sort of people ought we to be? It's an important question that we often ask ourselves in different ways. As with most questions, there are wrong answers. What do the Scriptures say about what we ought to be?


December 3, 2017  Advent 1  Pastor Michael Walther

"Eagerly Waiting for Jesus"  1 Corinthians 1:4-9 Text  Audio

The Bible tells us that just as Jesus was born, lived, died, rose and ascended into heaven - He will also return on the Last Day. This last event in the life of Jesus challenges us to repentance and encourages us in faith.


November 26, 2107  Last Sunday of the Church Year  Pastor Aaron Mueller

"Judgment of Works"  Matthew 25:31-46  Audio

When we come to parts of the Scriptures that speak of the judgment, we see the Judge pointing to our works. What do we have to say about that, if we say we are justified by faith? Where do these works come from?


November 19, 2017  24th Sunday After Pentecost   Pastor Michael Walther

"Somthing for Thee!"  Matthew 25:13-40  Text  Audio

The Parable of the Talents shows two different reactions to what God gives to us, two different reactions to God Himself. What are the temptations we face today, and how do/should we respond to them?


November 12, 2017  23rd Sunday After Pentecost   Pastor Scott Adle

"The Bridegroom Comes!"  Matthew 25:1-13  Audio

"Then the Kingdom of Heaven will be like . . ." Jesus puts this parable in the future. What does that future look like? When is that future? What should be be doing?


November 5, 2017  All Saints Day  Pastor Michael Walther

"Persevering Through Persecution"  Matthew 5:10-12  Audio

In this sermon Pastor Walther talks about three different forms of persecution we all face in this world, as well as four prayers for us during those times.


Octorber 29, 2017  Reformation Day (Observed)  Pastor Aaron Mueller

"An Eternal Gospel"  Revelation 14:6-7  Audio


October 22, 2017  20th Sunday After Pentecost  Pastor Adle

"Fear and Love"  Matthew 22:15-22  Audio

The Pharisees and those who approach Jesus in our gospel reading today clearly do not fear Him. Are there ways in which we do not either?


October 15, 2017  19th Sunday After Pentecost  Pastor Walther

"God's Great Desire for You"  Matthew 22:1-14  Text  Audio

Jesus tells a parable about a wedding feast. What does this parable tell us about God's desire for us?


October 8, 2017  18th Sunday After Pentecost  Pastor Mueller

Matthew 21:33-46  Audio

Jesus tells another parable involving a vineyard in today's gospel reading. Where do we fit in these stories that Jesus tells? Where does Jesus fit?


October 1, 2017  17th Sunday After Pentecost  Pastor Walther

"Hold Fast the Word of Life"  Philippians 2:13-18  Audio

There are many different statuses and classes in society today, just as there were in the ancient world. But where do Christians find their status in life?


September 24, 2017  16th Sunday After Pentecost  Pastor Adle

Matthew 20:1-16  Audio

The Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard, like most of Jesus' parables, speaks about God working in ways we do not. But that doesn't stop us from thinking we can figure God out.


September 17, 2017  15th Sunday After Pentecost  Pastor Mueller

Genesis 50:15-21  Audio

"You meant it for evil, but God meant it for good." How could both of these be true at the same time?


September 10, 2017  14th Sunday After Pentecost  Pastor Walther

"Understanding Crime"  Romans 13:1-10. Text  Audio

There are many good things that we can learn about the way God approaches crime. By God's grace we can be part of the solution to the problems of crime rather than part of the cause.


September 3, 2017  13th Sunday After Pentecost  Pastor Adle

"On Picking Up Crosses"  Romans 12:9-21 and Matthew 16:21-28  Audio

Picking up crosses is not easy. Paul describes some of the Christian life in Romans chapter 12. What don't we like about it?


August 27, 2017  12th Sunday After Pentecost  Pastor Walther

"The Renewing of the Mind"  Romans 12.1-2. Text  Audio

How does the world affect our thoughts and desires, and how does the renewing we receive through faith differ from these?


August 20, 2017  11th Sudnay After Pentecost  Pastor Mueller

Matthew 15:21-28  Audio

In the gospel reading, we come across a Jesus who might not remind us of the one we heard about in Sunday School. But is He really that much different from the one we know in our own lives?


August 13, 2017  10th Sunday After Pentecost  Pastor Walther

Job 38:19  Where is the Road to the Home of Light?  Text  Audio

Job was being put to the test by Satan. When Job begins to question God and to contend with Him, God directs Job to the unfathomable mysteries of creation. 


August 6, 2017  9th Sunday After Pentecost  Pastor Scott Adle

Matthew 14:13-21  Two Feasts  Text  Audio

In the first half of Matthew chapter 14 two feasts take place. We look at a few of the differences.


July 30, 2017  8th Sunday After Pentecost  Pastor Scott Adle

Matthew 13:44-52  Metaphorically Speaking  Text  Audio

Jesus uses His parables as pictures of how His kingdom works. This week we hear a few more. How do they fit with the world, and how people act?


July 23, 2017 7th Sunday After Pentecost  Pastor Michael P. Walther

Isaiah 44:6 One God. One Way of Salvation.  Text  Audio

The Bible teaching of only one way of salvation is a comfort to some and a consternation to many. But there truly is only one way of "salvation." There are many ways of "rewards." 


July 16, 2017 6th Sunday After Pentecost  Pastor Michael P. Walther

Isaiah 55:10-11  God's Word Gives Life  Text  Audio

Isaiah encouraged his own people and us not to be indifferent or even to despise God's word. It is the source of life for all.


July 9, 2017  5th Sunday After Pentecost  Pastor Scott Adle

Matthew 11:25-30  Revealed to Children  Text  Audio

In our gospel, Christ thanks the heavenly Father that He hides things from some, but reveals these things to others. Why would God do that?


July 2, 2017  4th Sunday After Pentecost  Pastor Aaron Mueller

Matthew 10:34-42  Audio

In our reading, Jesus says something that people would normally consider outlandish, "Whoever loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me . . ." What could He mean by such a thing?


June 25, 2017  3rd Sunday After Pentecost  Pastor Michael Walther

Matthew 10:1-4  Twelve Men Who Changed the World, Pt 2  Audio

The second part of Pastor Walther's look at the 12 apostles, this time featuring several of the more recognizable ones.


June 18, 2017  2nd Sunday After Pentecost  Pastor Michael Walther

Matthew 10:1-4  Twelve Men Who Changed the World, Pt 1  Print  Audio

The beginning of Matthew chapter 10 gives a list of 12 men whom Jesus picked to be apostles. Let us look at what we know about these men, and what Jesus calls them to.


June 11, 2017  Trinity  Pastor Scott Adle

Acts 2:22-41  Resurrection Anxiety   Text   Audio

Peter preaches the resurrection of Christ on Pentecost Sunday -- but not in a way that we usually think about it.


June 10, 2017  Trinity  Pastor Todd Wilken

Matthew 28:16-20  Audio


June 4, 2017  Pentecost  Pastor Aaron Mueller

John 7:37-39  Come to Me and Drink  Audio

We have many desires and needs in this life. We recognize that Jesus fulfills spiritual desires and needs, but what about other, more basic desires and needs?


May 28, 2017  7th Sunday of Easter  Pastor Michael Walther

1 Peter 5:5-11  Humble Resistance  Print  Audio

The modern world doesn't really believe in the devil and sin. However, Peter in our reading today (as well as Jesus) take them seriously. So how do Christians deal with the temptations that we know surround us? Peter says: "Resist him, firm in the faith."


May 21, 2017  6th Sunday of Easter  Pastor Scott Adle

John 14:15-21  Out With the New  Text  Audio

The bored Athenians are only interested in novelty. In our readings both Paul and Jesus respond by bringing up what is rather old, but never loses its relevance.


May 14, 2017  5th Sunday of Easter  Pastor Aaron Mueller

John 14:1-14  The Way  Audio

Jesus says that He is "the way." What does He mean by that?


May 7, 2017  4th Sunday of Easter  Pastor Michael Walther

John 10:1-10  "Who Is Your Shepherd?" Text  Audio

How do shepherds come to us? How do we recognize them? There are many voices out there today, all of them declaring things that they say will help you. It can be confusing. What does Jesus have to say, and how do we follow?


April 30, 2017  3rd Sunday of Easter  Pastor Scott Adle

Luke 24:13-35  "The Emmaus Road"  Text  Audio

Cleopas and another disciple have left Jerusalem, and, it would appear, Christianity. But Jesus meets them on the way and does a bible study with them.


April 23, 2017  2nd Sunday of Easter  Pastor Aaron Mueller

Acts 5:29-42 and John 20:19-31  Audio

There is quite a change in the mindset of the disciples between when they first heard of Jesus' resurrection, and what we see in Acts, chapter five. What could have brought this change about?


April 16, 2017  Easter Sunday Pastor Michael Walther

Matthew 28:2  "Sitting on the Stone"  Audio  Text

After Jesus died, the powers that put Him to death conspired to keep Him dead. His tomb was sealed and guarded. But those efforts were soon undone when the angel rolled away the stone, the soldiers became like dead men, and the angel sat on the stone.


April 9, 2017  Palm Sunday Pastor Michael Walther

Matthew 27:54  "How Righteous Suffering Saves"  Audio  Text

The Centurion at the Cross confessed Jesus to be the Son of God when He saw the way this righteous man suffered. Jesus' righteous suffering and death saves us from our sins. Our own righteous suffering helps to save people as well.


April 2, 2017  Lent 5  Pastor Aaron Mueller

John 11:1-45  Audio

Superheroes are popular in our culture for a variety of reasons. However, we do recognize that superheroes have some limits. Jesus is more than a superhero.  


March 26, 2017  Lent 4  Pastor Michael Walther

John 9  "Opera Dei"  Audio  Text

The healing of the Man Born Blind shows us the compassion of Jesus and the much needed correction to the common quid pro quo or karma approach to God.


March 19, 2017  Lent 3  Pastor Scott Adle

John 4:5-26  "If You Knew the Gift of God"  Audio  Text

Another week where we hear about a confusing conversation someone has with Jesus. Why might conversations with Jesus be that way?


March 12, 2017  Lent 2  Pastor Michael Walther

Genesis 12:1-9  "Abraham's Journey of Faith and Ours"  Audio  Text

Abraham was called out his country to the Promised Land. What ‚Äúcountries‚ÄĚ might Christians today be called to leave as God leads us to the place where He wants us to be?


March 5, 2017  Lent 1  Pastor Scott Adle

Genesis 3:1-21 and Matthew 4:1-11 "Close the Path to Misery"  Audio  Text

The gospel is like some of the fairy tales and stories we heard as we grew up, but there are differences too.


February 26, 2017  Transfiguration  Pastor Aaron Mueller

2 Peter 1:16-21  Audio


February 19, 2017  Epiphany 7  Pastor Michael P Walther

1 Corinthians 3:18-23 "The Wisdom of the World and the Wisdom of Christ"  Audio  Text

The wisdom of the world avoids the problem of sin. The wisdom of Christ confronts and cures the problem of sin.


February 12, 2017  Epiphany 6  Pastor Michael P Walther

Matthew 5:21-37 "God's Grace for Our Disordered Desires"  Audio   Text

Some of our feelings and desires are good and some are bad. How do we know the difference, and how do we contend with bad feelings and desires? 


February 5, 2017  Epiphany 5  Pastor Aaron Mueller

Isaiah 58:6-8 and Matthew 5:13-20 Sermon for Epiphany 5  Audio

Some people say that poverty is the fault of those who are lazy and make poor choices. Others say it all the result of oppression by the elite. What does God's word say, and how can God help us to help the poor?


January 29, 2017  Epiphany 4  Pastor Michael P Walther

Micah 6:8  "What To Do When the World Rants and Raves"  Audio   Text

Micah, who lived 700 years before Jesus, said he lived in an "Evil Time." When the world around us is turning away from God, we have the opportunity to speak the truth in love and to do the truth in love. God will give us the grace to do this!


January 22, 2017  Epiphany 3  Pastor Aaron Mueller

1 Corinthians 1:  "What Makes a Good Sermon"  Audio   

What are the principles by which we decide that a sermon is good? Sermons, as Paul said, should proclaim Christ, crucified and risen.


January 15, 2017  Epiphany 2  Pastor Scott Adle

John 1:29-42a  "Lamb of God"  Audio   Text  Audio

Twice in our reading John calls Jesus the "Lamb of God." That may not be our first thought when we think of Jesus, but why might that be the case?


January 8, 2017  Baptism of Our Lord  Pastor Michael Walther

Romans 6:1-11  "Walking in Newness of Life"  Audio   Text

Grace is no excuse for sin. Rather, we are baptized into Christ and thus raised to a new life. Our old self is crucified. We are dead to sin and alive to God in Christ Jesus.


January 1, 2017  New Year's Day  Pastor Aaron Mueller

Galatians 3:23-29  Audio


December 25, 2016  Christmas Day  Pastor Scott Adle

John 1:1-18  "What is Man, That Thou Art Mindful of Him?"  Audio  Text

Why, out of all of the things that God has created, does He pay attention to man? Yet God becomes man. This is a mystery of the faith.


December 24, 2016  Christmas Eve  Pastor Michael Walther

John 1:14  "Full of Grace and Truth"  Audio  Text

There are good words and there are bad words. When Jesus was conceived, the Word became flesh - God became flesh - to bring forgiveness and salvation into this world through His word.


December 18, 2016  Advent 4  Pastor Scott Adle

Matthew 1:18-25 "Committing to Failures"  Audio   Text

Matthew begins with a genealogy, and for all of those men and women listed, we can also list their faults and failures. But then God becomes man.


December 11, 2016  Advent 3  Pastor Michael P. Walther

James 5:7-11  "We Count Them Blessed Who Endure"  Audio  Text

John the Baptist was the greatest prophet. Yet he had his moment of doubt. Jesus helped him to endure by assuring him of the blessings of His word. God also enables us to endure temptation and persecution through His blessings.


December 4th, 2016   Advent 2  Pastor Aaron Mueller

Isaiah 11:1-10  Audio


November 27, 2016   Advent 1   Pastor Michael Walther

Matthew 21:9  "The Lord Comes to Save"  Audio


November 24, 2016  Thanksgiving  Pastor Michael P. Walther

Philippians 4:8-9  "Meditate on These Things"  Audio  Text

Shallow thankfulness comes when we forget about God and the great things He gives us. Paul teaches us to meditate on divine assets that will inspire us to be thankful.


November 20, 2016  Last Sunday of the Church Year  Pastor Aaron Mueller

Malachi 3:13-18  Audio


November 13, 2016  Pentecost 26  Pastor Scott Adle

Luke 21:5-36  "To Stand Before the Son of Man"  Audio  Text

Jesus tries to cheer us up by letting us know that the End of the world is coming.  We were made to stand before the Son of Man when He returns.


November 6, 2016  All Saints' Day  Pastor Aaron Mueller

Revelation 7:9-17  Audio


October 30, 2016  Reformation Day (Obs)  Pastor Scott Adle

John 8:31-36  "We All Love Justification"  Audio  Text

Lutherans on Reformation Day love to talk about justification.  As sinners, we also like to justify ourselves whenever we hear the word of God.  But God is both just, and the justifier.


October 23, 2016  Pentecost 23  Pastor Aaron Mueller

Genesis 4:1-15  Audio


October 16, 2016  Pentecost 22  Pastor Scott Adle

Luke 18:1-8  "I pray for: Vengeance!"  Audio  Text

"Will the Son of Man find faith on earth?"  This may sound like a question with an obvious answer.  I think we might ponder this in regard to the parable Jesus tells today.


October 9, 2016  Pentecost 21  Pastor Aaron Mueller

2 Timothy 2:1-13    Audio


October 2, 2016  Pentecost 20  Pastor Michael P. Walther

Habakkuk 2  "The Faithless Are Coming"  Audio  Text

If you've ever wondered, "What is going on with this world?" then you should read the Old Testament prophet Habakkuk. He felt overwhelmed by the faithlessness and wickedness of the world, and he cried out to God for answers. God responded by calling Habakkuk and all of us to faith. 


September 25, 2016  Pentecost 19  Pastor Scott Adle

Luke 16:19-31  "Hot Takes"  Audio  Text

When we hear a story, we may read into it things that aren't there.  These reactions may say more about us than the story.  The story that Jesus tells this week is a time when that may happen.


September 18, 2016  Pentecost 18  Pastor Michael P. Walther

Luke 16:1-15  "Using Our Mamom Wisely"  Audio (audio at bottom)  Text  

Jesus wants His disciples to avoid the temptation to "money-loving." He does this by teaching us to seek first the spiritual blessings God gives and then to use the material blessings to "make friends." 


September 11, 2016  Pentecost 17  Pastor Michael P. Walther

1 Timothy 1:5-17  "Kneeling to Stand"  Audio  Text  

We always have a temptation to solve the problems of sin and immorality with the Law - study it more, emphasize it more, etc. But Paul shows us how to use the Law "lawfully" by using for repetance and then emphasizing the Gospel.


September 4, 2016  Pentecost  Pastor Aaron Mueller

Philemon  Audio


August 31, 2016  Martyrdom of John the Baptist  Pastor Scott Adle

Mark 6:14-29  "What Did You Go Out to See?"  Text  

How do you view John's death?  Should he have just kept his mouth shut?


August 28, 2016  Pentecost  Pastor Scott Adle

Luke 14:1-14  "Your Kind of Party?"  Text  Audio

Does a party involving the poor, the crippled, the lame, and the blind sound like a good party to you?  If not, you may be in trouble.


August 21, 2016  Pentecost  Pastor Michael Walther

Luke 13:22-30  "Staying on the Narrow Way"  Text  Audio

Only faith in Christ, not familiarity with Christ, saves.  True faith is repentance, forgiveness, and new life in Christ.  Familiarity is about trying to be good.


August 15, 2016  Pentecost  Pastor Scott Adle

Luke 12:49-59  "The Whole Truth"  Text  Audio

The church has different answers than the world, but also different questions.  "What time is it?" is a question Jesus hints at in Luke 12.


August 8, 2016  Pentecost  Pastor Michael P. Walther

Luke 12:31-34 "The Best Survival Tip of All"  Text  Audio

The three goals of this sermon are to show that: 1. We live in a material and spiritual world. 2. Much of the spiritual world is bad.  3. The Holy Spirit leads us to the good spiritual world through God's word in Christ. Keywords: Trinity


July 31, 2016  Pentecost  Pastor Aaron Mueller


July 24, 2016  Pentecost  Pastor Michael Walther

Genesis 18-19  "From Gomorrah to Golgotha"  Text

This sermon teaches us that God is merciful. However, when men persistently reject His word, rush to sin, and rage in unbelief, He steps in to judge. Nevertheless, God has always provided salvation from judgement through His Son, Jesus.


July 17, 2016  Pentecost  Pastor Scott Adle

Luke 10:38-42  "One Thing is Needful"  Text

When you read the gospel reading where one woman is scrambling around to do all sorts of stuff, while the other appears to be doing nothing, which one do you expect to be praised? Why doesn't God see it the same way?


July 10, 2016  Pentecost  Pastor Aaron Mueller


July 3, 2016  Pentecost  Pastor Michael Walther

Galatians 6:9-10  "Doing Good to All"  Text

The goal of this sermon is to help people believe that freedom comes from the good God has done for us in Christ to free us from sin. As we believe and do good, that freedom is preserved and given to others.


June 26, 2016  Pentecost  Pastor Scott Adle

Luke 9:51-62  "No Looking Back"  Text

Jesus says, "No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the kingdom of God." What would we possibly look back for?


June 19, 2016  Pentecost  Pastor Aaron Mueller


June 12, 2016  Pentecost  Pastor Michael Walther

Luke 7:36-50  "Who Will Love Him More?"  Text

The goal of this sermon is to help people believe that everything that is good in this life begins with forgiveness.


June 5, 2016  Pentecost  Pastor Scott Adle

Luke 7:11-17  "Responsible"  Text

The widow in 1 Kings 17 knows who to talk to when her son dies. The widow in Luke 7 soon finds out.


May 29, 2016  Pentecost  Pastor Aaron Mueller


May 22, 2016  Trinity Sunday  Pastor Michael Walther

1 John 4:1-4  "Test the Spirits"  Text

This sermon has three goals: 1. To show that the world is not just materialistic. It is also spiritual. 2. That the spiritual is not always good. 3. That the Holy Spirit leads us in the good spiritual life through the word of God in Christ.


May 17, 2016  Graduation  Pastor Scott Adle

Matthew 7:24-27  "More Than Knowledge"  Text

The students learn lots of facts and skills, but ultimately we want to pass on something more than that -- we want to burden them for life.


May 15, 2016  Pentecost Sunday  Pastor Aaron Mueller

Acts 2:1-21  "Who Is the Holy Spirit, and What Does He Do?"


May 8, 2016  Easter  Pastor Michael Walther

Psalm 133  "Unity in Faith, Family and Church"  Text

Unity can be both good and bad. God provides the unity that is good for us and for the world.


May 4, 2016  Ascension  Pastor Scott Adle

Luke 24:44-53  "Undemocratic"  Text

Democracy may be the way modern nations run their countries, but it is not the confession of the church. The confession of the church is, "Jesus is Lord."


May 1, 2016  Easter  Pastor Scott Adle

John 5:1-17  "Healed By Jesus"  Text

In this chapter, John tells us of a man healed by Jesus. The fact that Jesus did the healing caused a ruckus.


April 24, 2016  Easter  Pastor Aaron Mueller

John 16:12-22


April 17, 2016  Easter  Pastor Michael Walther

Acts 20-17-35  "Practical Guidance for Shepherds and Sheep"  Text

In one of Paul's last sermons, he teaches pastors how to be pastors and sheep how to be sheep.


April 10, 2016  Easter  Pastor Scott Adle

John 21:1-14  "What You See and What You Hear"  Text

In the life of faith, what you see and what you hear don't always appear to line up. Go with your ears.


April 3, 2016  Easter  Pastor Aaron Mueller

John 20:19


March 27, 2016  Easter Sunday  Pastor Michael Walther

John 3:16  "Is God There? Does He Care?"  Text

This sermon explains John 3.16 in light of the Apostles' Creed.


March 25, 2016  Good Friday  Pastor Scott Adle

John 18-19   Text


March 20, 2016  Palm Sunday  Pastor Scott Adle

Luke 23:26-49  "Confessors of the Faith"  Text

Many generations have heard the word of God. Sadly, many have turned away. All who are confirmed (as well as all who confess the creed) are called to stand in the faith in the midst of the temptations of the world.


March 13, 2016  Lent  Pastor Michael Walther

"Why Do People Reject Jesus, and What Does God Do About It?"


March 6, 2016  Lent  Pastor Aaron Mueller

Luke 15:1-3


February 28, 2016  Lent  Pastor Michael Walther

1 Corinthians 10:1-13  "Standing Fast In the Lord."  Text

Paul points to the example of the Israelites who believed as they left Egypt but later became rebellious in the wilderness. When we face hardships, Jesus is our "way of escape" in order to endure them.


Febrary 21, 2016  Lent  Pastor Scott Adle

Luke 13:31-35  "Citizens"  Text

Our most important citizenship is not what it says on our passports.  Nor are the rights conferred by the citizenship of a nation the greatest benefits we have.  No, our most important citizenship is heavenly.


February 14, 2016  Lent  Pastor Michael Walther

"How Can We Be Sure of, and Secure In, Our Salvation?"


February 7, 2016  Transfiguration  Pastor Aaron Mueller

Hebrews 3:1-6 and Luke 9:38-46

Jesus revealed Himself as the Son of God on the Mount of Transfiguration. God the Father said that we should "listen to Him."


January 31, 2016  Epiphany  Pastor Scott Adle

Luke 4:31-44  "With Authority"  Text

Jesus revealed Himself as the Son of God when He spoke with ultimate authority.


January 24, 2016  Epiphany  Pastor Michael Walther

Psalm 19 and Luke 4:16-30  "Rejection and Rage; Reception and Relief"  Text

As in the hometown of Nazareth, there are many people today who will not listen to Jesus or believe in Him. Not only that, they rage against Him. But "there is great reward" in listening and believing in Jesus.


January 17, 2016  Epiphany  Pastor Aaron Mueller

John 2:1-11  "The Wedding at Cana"

Jesus' first miracle shows a glass of wine can glorify God.


January 10, 2016  Epiphany  Pastor Michael Walther

Luke 3:21-22  "ID (The Baptism of Jesus)"  Text

Why are we so concerned about identification today? Answer: Because evil loves to stay anonymous. God loves identification and has given us the best identification in baptism.


January 3, 2016  Christmas  Pastor Scott Adle

Luke 2:40-52  "Telling the Story"  Text

The people of God are supposed to tell the story. This is not optional, and it is not extraneous to our "real" lives. The story is how God works.





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