Good Shepherd's pastors are available for pastoral counseling. We can also help with referrals to other professional counselors. To make an appointment, email one of the pastors:

Pastor Walther-

Pastor Adle -

Pastor Mueller -

Areas of pastoral counseling include:

Individual Confession and Absolution - Individuals meet with one of the pastors to discuss the spiritual challenges of life and to pray for God's forgiveness and renewal. 

Pre-Marital Counseling - We normally meet three times in preparation for weddings. Please see our Wedding Guidelines.

Marital Counseling - Couples often find it helpful to talk through their difficulties with a pastor who can help to see different perspectives, especially the Biblical perspective.

Youth Counseling - Raising children has always been a challenge. We can help with resources and with heart to heart discussions with you and your children. 

Sex Education - We can provide good resources to help your children understand God's plan for sexuality. 

Depression, Anxiety, Etc. - Psychological problems are best treated with a combination of medical and spiritual help.