Bible Study Ten Commandments


This Bible Study examines the Biblical teaching of the Law - The way God wants us to live. The Ten Commandments give us one of the clearest teachings of the Law. 

Ten Commandments Study Guide - The questions in this study guide are keyed to the Explanation of Martin Luther's Small Catechism. You may want to consult the Catechism if you want to dig deeper.

Ten Commandments Videos - Use the study guide above to take notes.

Quest 1-12 Introduction

Quest 13-23 First Commandment

Quest 24-34 Second Commandment

Quest 35-51 Third & Fourth Comm.

Quest 52-54 Fifth Commandment

Quest 55-58 Sixth Commandment

Quest 59-60 Seventh Commandment

Quest 61-62 Eighth Commandment

Quest 63-85 Ninth & Tenth Comm