The Book of Matthew


The Gospel of Matthew is the first of the three Synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark & Luke). "Synoptic" means "seeing together." These Gospels present us with three different perspectives on the ministry of Jesus:Ā 

* Matthew's Gospel helps us see Jesus as the King of Kings and the fulfillment of God's plan of salvation laid down by the prophets. Matthew shows that Jesus is the Messiah primarily through His preaching.

* Mark's Gospel helps us see how Jesus endured and overcame hard-hitting opposition and helps us follow Jesus even in the face of persecution. Mark shows that Jesus in the Messiah primarily through His miracles and actions.

*Luke's Gospel shows us how Jesus is the center of history,Ā of the world, and how He is the Savior of all. Luke shows that Jesus is the Messiah through both Jesus' teaching and miracles.Ā 

These Gospels are not biographies of Jesus. The word "gospel" means "good news," and these books explain how Jesus is good news for us. They are purposely not very long so that they might be easily read by everyone no matter what your intellectually abilities might be.Ā About one third of theseĀ Gospels concentrate on the last week of Jesus's earthly life - especially His death and resurrection.


Matthew was one of Jesus' twelve disciples. He humbly refers to himself as "Matthew, the tax collector." His Gospel contains the largest blocks of Jesus' teaching (Mat 5-7, 10, 13, 23, 24-25). He also uses 50 quotes from the Old Testament and 75 allusions to the same. He was concerned to show the Jewish people that Jesus, despite His crucifixion, was and truly is the King and Ruler of God's Kingdom.


1. Jesus' birth and boyhood (Matthew 1-2)
2. Jesus' teaching and healing ministry (Matthew 3-20)
3. Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection (Matthew 21-28)

Chapter Summaries

Chapter 01
Genealogy... Ā 14 from Abraham to David, 14 from David to Babylon, 14 from Babylon to Christ... Conception by the Holy Spirit... Angel of the LORD to Joseph... Name Jesus... Immanuel prophecy

Chapter 02
Magi from East follow star to Jerusalem seeking King of the Jews...Ā 
Herod, priests, scribes Micah 5.2... Magi worship Jesus, gave treasures, departed... Joseph flees to Egypt, Herod destroys... Jeremiah, Rachel's weeping... Joseph returns to Nazareth.

03 Chapter
John the Baptist, repent kingdom of heaven at hand... Voice in the wilderness (Is 40)... Camel's hair... Baptizing in the Jordan... Pharisees-brood of vipers... He who is coming is mightier baptize with Holy Spirit and fire... Clean His threshing floor... Jesus baptized to fulfill all righteousness... Spirit of God as a dove... Voice from heaven... My beloved Son

04 Chapter
Jesus' temptation... Satan wants us to disobey God and to worship him... John in prison... Isaiah 9 Galilee of the Gentiles... "Repent, Kingdom at hand." Ā Disciples Simon & Andrew, fishers of men... James & John Zebedee... Synagogues, preaching Gospel, healing... Great multitudes

05 Chapter
Sermon on the Mount... Beatitudes... Salt and Light... Jesus fulfills the Law... Do not hate which leads to murder or lawsuits, be reconciled... Stop adultery by not looking... Marriage is for Life... Do not swear to cover falsehood, speak the truth... Do not resist an evil person... Love your enemies and be perfect

06 Chapter
Don't do good to be seen... Give in secret, be rewarded openly... Pray in secret, be rewarded openly... Don't use many words... Lord's Prayer... emphasis on forgiveness... Fast in secret, be rewarded openly... Layup treasures in heaven... Be full of light.. Can't serve two masters... Don't worry, The Father provides... Seek first the kingdom of God.

Judge fairly, judge yourself first... Don't give what is holy to dogs or pearls to swine...Ā Ask, Seek, Knock... Though evil, we give gifts to children... God much more... Golden Rule / Law and Prophets... Narrow Way... Good Tree, good fruit... Not everyone who says "Lord" will enter kingdom if they are lawless... House on the rock

Jesus heals a leper (one of the ten lepers?)ā€¦ Jesus marvels at centurionā€™s faith and heals his servantā€¦ Many from east and west will comeā€¦ Sons of the kingdom will be cast outā€¦ Jesus heals Peterā€™s mother in lawā€¦ Jesus heals many, Fulfills Isaiah 53.4ā€¦ Foxes have holesā€¦ Let the dead bury the deadā€¦ Jesus calms the stormā€¦ Two demon possessed men of the Gergesenesā€¦ Demons sent to swineā€¦ People beg Jesus to leave.

Boat to Capernaum... Healed the paralytic (lowered through roof?)... Scribes-He blasphemes... Calling of Matthew... Came to call sinners... Fasting? Not with bridegroom... New patch/New wine skin... Ruler's daughter died... Woman with flow of blood... Healed girl... Two blind men crying Son of David have mercy... Demon possessed mute... Preaching gospel, healing... Multitudes like sheep without a shepherd... Plentiful harvest, pray for laborers

Called ā€œHisā€ twelve disciplesā€¦ Gave power over unclean spiritsā€¦ Sent twelve not to Gentiles or Samaritans but to lost sheep of Israelā€¦ Kingdom of heaven is at handā€¦ Healā€¦ Bring no moneyā€¦ Rely on giftsā€¦ Stay at worthy householdsā€¦ Shake dust off your feet if they will not hearā€¦ Sheep among wolvesā€¦ When persecuted the Spirit will help you speakā€¦ Family divisions, hated for Jesusā€™ nameā€¦ Flee persecutionā€¦ Will not get to all cities before Son of Man comesā€¦ They called the master of the house Beelzebubā€¦ Fear Him who can destroy both soul and body in hellā€¦ More value than sparrowsā€¦ Confess Christ before menā€¦ Family divisionsā€¦ Take up crossā€¦ Receives you receives me

Jesus departs to preach in the citiesā€¦ John in prison sends disciplesā€¦ Healing and Gospel preachedā€¦ None greater than Johnā€¦ He is Elijahā€¦ People said he had a demon and Jesus was a winebibberā€¦ Wisdom will be justified by her childrenā€¦ Rebuked cities (Bethsaida & Capernaum) for lack of repentanceā€¦ Father and Sonā€¦ Take My yoke for rest

Heads of grain on the Sabbath.. David ate the showbreadā€¦ Priests profane the Sabbath (for cleaning?)ā€¦ One greater than the templeā€¦ ā€œI desire mercy not sacrificeā€ Son of Man Lord of the Sabbathā€¦ Man would help sheep on the Sabbathā€¦ Jesus healed with withered handā€¦ Isaiah 42.1-4 My Servant, My Spirit, bruised reed, smoking flax, Gentiles will trust in His nameā€¦ Blind, mute demon-possessed healed, Son of David?ā€¦ Pharisees say Beelzebubā€¦ Kingdom dividedā€¦ Blasphemy against the Spirit not forgivenā€¦Good tree, good fruitā€¦ Judged by our wordsā€¦ Scribes, Pharisees ask for a signā€¦ No sign but that of Jonahā€¦ Greater than Jonah, greater than Solomonā€¦ Unclean spirit goes out and brings back seven other spiritsā€¦ Jesusā€™ mother and brothers seek Himā€¦ Who does will of the Father is brother, sister & mother

Parables of the Kingdom preaching from the boatā€¦ The Sower (path, stones, thorns, good ground)ā€¦ Purpose of Parables - to reveal and conceal mysteries of the kingdomā€¦ Isaiah 6.9-10ā€¦ Explanation of Sowerā€¦ Parable Wheat and Taresā€¦ Parable of the Mustard Seedā€¦ Parable of the Leavenā€¦ Psalm 78.2ā€¦ Explanation of Taresā€¦ Parable of Hidden Treasure, Pearl of Great Price, Dragnetā€¦ Scribe brings out new and oldā€¦ Rejection at Nazarethā€¦ A prophet without honorā€¦ Not many works.

Report of John the Baptistā€™s deathā€¦ Feeding of the Five Thousandā€¦ Jesus walks on the waterā€¦ Peter comes to Him and sinksā€¦ Jesus saves, wind ceasesā€¦ Those in the boat worshiped Him ā€œTruly You are the Son of Godā€ā€¦ Cross over to Gennesaraetā€¦ sick brought to Him and He healed them.

Pharisees complain disciples donā€™t wash handsā€¦ Jesus questions their tradition that overrides 4th commā€¦ Isaiah 29.13ā€¦ Not the plants of the Lord, blind leading the blindā€¦ Things from the heart defileā€¦ Tyre Sidon, Canaanite Womanā€¦ The little dogs eat the crumbsā€¦ Daughter healedā€¦ On the mountain by Galilee Jesus healedā€¦ 4,000 fed with seven loaves and a few fishā€¦ Came to Madgala

Pharisees, Sadducees ask for sign from heaven... Only the sign of Jonah... Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and the Sadducees... Caesarea Philippi, Peter confesses the Christ... Peter, the rock, the Keys... From that time, must go to Jerusalem to suffer, killed and raised... Peter rebukes... Take up your cross... Gain world, lose soul? Ā Son of Man coming, will reward...Ā 

Transfiguration... Do not tell vision till after resurrection...Disciples ask if Elijah should come first... He did, he was John the Baptizer... Epileptic boy exorcised, Disciples ask why they couldn't do it? Ā Because of their unbelief... Faith of a mustard seed... 2nd prophesy of death and resurrection... Capernaum,Temple tax... Fish with money in mouth

Disciples ask who is greatestā€¦ Jesus says become like a childā€¦ Millstone, cut off hand or footā€¦ Finding the lost sheepā€¦ Three steps of forgivenessā€¦ Office of the Keysā€¦ Parable of the Unforgiving Servant

J comes to Judaea Ā beyond the Jordan... Question of divorce... Some are eunuchs... Children come... Rich young man asks what good thing to inherit eternal life... Sell everything and follow Me... Camel through the needle... All things possible with God... Twelve thrones judging Israel... First last, last first.

Parable of the Vineyard Workersā€¦ Hires in the morning, 3rd, 6th, 9th & 11th hoursā€¦ All paid a denarius, complaints, Last first, First last, many called, few chosenā€¦ Third prediction of death and resurrection on the way to Jerusalemā€¦ mother of Zebedeeā€™s sons asks favor, ten displeased, ā€œSon of M did not one to be served, but to serve, and t0 give His life a ransom for many.ā€ Out of Jericho, healed two blind menā€¦Ā 

21 - Triumphal Entry
Bethphage, Mt of Olivesā€¦ Donkey & colt.. Zach 9.9ā€¦ Branches & cloaksā€¦ Hosanna to the Son of Davidā€¦ Cleansing of the Templeā€¦ Psalm 8.2ā€¦ Bethanyā€¦ Cursing of the Fig Treeā€¦ Whatever you ask in faithā€¦ Chief priests, elders question His authorityā€¦ Parable of the Two Sons, those who repent will be savedā€¦ Parable of the Tenantsā€¦ Psalm 118.22-23ā€¦ Kingdom taken and give to those producing its fruits.

Parable Ā of the Wedding Feast... The invited do not come... They beat the servants... King destroys them and their city... Setvants sent to highways to gather bad and good... Man without wedding garment cast out... Many are called, few are chosen... Lawful to pay taxes to Caesar? Ā Render to Caesar and to God... Sadducees, Seven brothers, one wife... No marriage Ā in heaven... God of A, I, and J.... Pharisees, Greatest commandment... Jesus asks the Pharisees who David is taking about in Psalm 110.1?Ā 

Do what scribes and Pharisees say but not what they do... They preach but no not practice... Warnings against titles... Examples of hypocrisy... Oaths, Tithes, Outward Cleanliness... They are the sons of those who murdered the prophets... All the blood of the righteous on them... Lament for Jerusalem.

Mt of Olives... False Christs... Wars... Famines, Pestilences, earthquakes... The beginning of sorrows... Delivered up, hated by all nations for Jesus... Lawlessness will abound, love will grow cold... Gospel will be preached in all the world... Abomination of desolation (Daniel), flee... Great tribulation, days shortened for the elect... Cosmic disturbances, Son of Man will appear on the clouds... Fig Tree... Signs of the end... This generation will not pass away till all takes place... No one knows when... Will be like the Flood... A faithful servant will be ready by doing his master's will... The unfaithful servant will be caught and punished.

Parable of the Wise & Foolish Virginsā€¦ Five did not bring enough oil and missed the bridegroomā€¦ Be ready for the coming of the Son of Manā€¦ Parable of the Talentsā€¦ 5-10, 2-4, 1-1ā€¦ Owner very concerned for profitā€¦ Those who have (faith) will have moreā€¦ Those who do not have (faith) will loose everythingā€¦ Final Judgmentā€¦ Sheep and Goatsā€¦ Sheep inherit because they showed true faith in good works ā€œto the least of these by brethrenā€ā€¦ Goats cursed because they did not show faith in good works

Jesus predicts crucifixion after the Passoverā€¦ Woman anoints His head with fragrant oil in Bethanyā€¦ Judas goes to betrayā€¦ Disciples prepare for the Passoverā€¦ Jesus predicts His betrayalā€¦ Judas asks if it is himā€¦ Jesus institutes the Lordā€™s Supperā€¦ Jesus predicts disciplesā€™ stumbling & Peterā€™s denialsā€¦ Gethsemane to prayā€¦ Spirit willing, flesh weakā€¦ Let this cup pass, but Your will be doneā€¦ Judas betrays with a kissā€¦ (Peter) wounds servant of the high priestā€¦Caiphasā€¦ False witnessesā€¦ Jesus promises His second comingā€¦ Spat on Him and beat Himā€¦ Peter denies Jesus three times.

Morningā€¦ Let to Pilateā€¦ Judas remorseful ā€œI have sinnedā€ returned silver, hanged himselfā€¦ Chief priests use money for potterā€™s field/Field of Bloodā€¦ ā€œAre You king of the Jews?ā€ Ā Chief priests & elders condemnā€¦ P offers to release Jesus or Barabbasā€¦ People chose Bā€¦ Pā€™s wife has a dream, P should have nothing to do with Jesusā€¦ Jesus scourgedā€¦ Soldiers mock and mistreat Jesusā€¦ Simone of Cyrene carries crossā€¦ Soldiers divide His garmentsā€¦ INRJā€¦ People mock Himā€¦ Ninth hour Jesus cries Psalm 22.1ā€¦ Jesus diesā€¦ Veil of temple torn, earth quaked, rocks split, grave opened, saints raisedā€¦ Centurion confessesā€¦ Women look onā€¦ Joseph of Arimathea takes body and lays it in his new tombā€¦ Mary Magdalene and other Marry observeā€¦ Chief priests ask for a guardā€¦ Stone sealed, guard set. Ā 

Mary Magdalene & other Mary go to tombā€¦ Earthquake, Angel rolled back stone and sat on itā€¦ Angel announces resurrectionā€¦ Women run to tell disciplesā€¦ Jesus met themā€¦ They held His feetā€¦ Jesus says He will meet the disciples in Galileeā€¦ Chief priests bribe guards to say the disciples stole the bodyā€¦ Disciples meet Jesus at mountain in Galileeā€¦ Great Commission (no mention of the Ascension)


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