This year, from Ash Wednesday through Holy Thursday, our midweek sermons will focus on the seven letters to the seven churches in Revelation.  These letters are packed with useful and helpful teaching for us – they speak clearly to the issues that we face in the church today.  To help prepare everyone for the midweek services, the adult Bible Study will focus on the church that will be preached on in the upcoming midweek service.  
Join us as we consider how these letters can help us no matter what the world and the devil may try to do to lead us astray from the true teaching of God’s Word. 

Schedule and Handouts

Transfig. 2/11 – The Letter to Ephesus: Love Lost, Death Found - Link to the handout is here.    
Lent 1  2/18 – The Letter to Smyrna: Fear Unto Death vs. Courage Unto Life 
Lent 2  2/28  – The Letter to Pergamum: Idolatry is The Deadliest Sin  - Link to the handout is here.
Lent 3  3/3 – The Letter to Thyatira: Immorality, Highway to the Grave 
Lent 4  3/10 – The Letter to Sardis: Lethargy – The Slow Death - Link to the handout is here.
Lent 5  3/17 – The Letter to Philadelphia: Neglect – Locked Out in Death’s Night 
Palm Sunday 3/24 – The Letter to Laodicea: Complacency – Death By Indifference - Link to the handout is here.