Food Pantry


The Good Shepherd Food Pantry is located near the Tracks area and the Youth Room. We maintain a small pantry which supplies food to people in need. The Food Pantry is maintained by the Board for Congregational Life. We periodically resupply it and organize it. If you're interested in helping, please contact


Twice a year we sponsor Adopt-A-Bags. These are grocery bags that members take home and fill with grocery items that are listed on the attached paper. Your donation of these items will go in the G.S.L.C. food pantry to be distributed to those in need.  Since we frequently have requests from travelers, it is especially helpful when the canned goods have easy open tops. We are ever mindful of how richly blessed we are each & every day.  Let’s share some of those blessings with our brothers & sisters who are in need of help.


When you bring your bags back, please put them in the Red Wagon in the Connecting Hallway!