Wednesday Woman

Wednesday Woman Meets each Wednesday during the school year from 8:45 -10:45 a.m. in the Lower Level of the church. Child care is provided. It begins the week after Labor Day and ends the first Wednesday in May.   

That's under normal circumstances!  COVID is causing us to begin our 2020-2021 season a bit differently.  Until further notice, these are our guidelines.  Wednesday Woman Bible study will start Sept 9 at 9 am. No child care. (Your child is welcome to sit at the table with you)  We will make coffee and there may be a some packaged snacks available.  You may bring your own drink. Please wear masks when coming into the building and when moving around the room. There will be at least two designated tables for people to keep their mask on while seated. Other tables will be for those comfortable removing their mask once seated. We will all face one direction and be very spread out. 





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