Higher Things


23 youth and 4 adults attended the "Higher Things" Youth Conference held at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale (July 10-14, 2018). The conference theme this year was "Sanctified." 

Following daily worship and prayer, LCMS pastors led the nearly 1000 youth in "plenary" or large group Bible study on the 10 Commandments and how the Holy Spirit calls us to faith, then sanctifies (makes us holy) us in Baptism, the Lord's Supper, Confession and Absolution, hearing the Word, and how He has prepared good works for us to do in service to our neighbors.  

Students enjoyed choosing from a list of "Breakout Sessions" where they attended smaller group Bible studies on topics that interested them. Among GS youth, popular session topics included mormonism, atheism, buddhism, dating and relationships, "What should I do with my life?," being a Christian on social media, "Would Jesus be a Lutheran?," angels, parables, liturgy, and exorcism.

Students got a taste of college and adult life rooming in dorms and dinining with a university provided debit card in the Student Center. After the first day, we lost count of how many Steak 'n Shake shakes GS youth ordered, but we certainly hit 100 by the end of the conference.

"Sanctification" means "to make holy." We use the word to refer to our salvation and especially the new life that forgiveness of sins in Jesus creates in us. 

At Higher Things the students attended worship, Bible classes and enjoyed some fun time together at the college Recreation Center.


Getting Our Keys at SIUC


Divine Worship at Shyrock Auditorium


1000 Youth at the Pleanary Session Studying the 8th Commandment


Breakout Session on Mormonism