Bible Books


Here is a recommended list of the Books of the Bible organized to help you grow in your faith and in your overall understanding of the Bible.  If you want to read through the Bible in one year, you need to read about three chapters a day. But there is nothing wrong with reading at a slower pace. The important thing is to keep reading. The Bible is both simple, providing faith strengthing words for all ages, as well as complex, teaching us some of the deepest mysteries of God and universe. You don't need to understand everything at once. As you keep reading and rereading the Bible, you will begin to understand the deeper and more difficult parts. 

The following pages provide a brief overview of the book and chapter summaries. As you read the book a few chapters at a time, glance back at the chapter summaries so that you can keep the overall message of the book in mind. You might also want to copy and paste the chapter summaries into a document for your own notes. Then you can add anything that you found important to each chapter summary. 

The Book of Acts – The Birth and Growth of the Church

The Gospel of Matthew – The Life, the Words & the Work of the Messiah (The Tax Collector Matthew's Point of View)

Genesis – The Creation of the World and of Israel

1 & 2 Peter – Living by Faith, Facing Persecution

Exodus – Israel’s Sojourn in the Wilderness

The Gospel of Mark – The Life, the Words & the Work of the Messiah (The Fisherman Peter's Point of View)

Proverbs – Living by Faith, Learning the Wisdom of God's Word

Leviticus – How Israel Sojourned in the Wilderness with the God of Holiness

Hebrews – The Sacrifice of the Messiah

Numbers – Israel's Sojourn in the Wilderness and the Troubles Encountered There

The Gospel of Luke – The Life, the Words & the Work of the Messiah (The Rabbi Paul's Point of View)

Deuteronomy – The Last Words of Moses as Israel Enters the Promised Land

Romans – How Jews and Gentiles Are Saved and Live by Faith

Joshua – The Conquest of Canaan

Judges – The Disobedience and Deliverance of Israel

Ruth – The Story of a Faithful Woman and Our Faithful God

Gospel of John – The Life, the Words & the Work of the Messiah (The Oldest Apostle's Point of View)

Job – The Story of a Faithful Man Who Endures the Testing of His Faith Through Suffering

1 & 2 Samuel – King David, The Great Grandfather of the Messiah

Psalms – The Hymnbook of God

1 & 2 Kings – Idolatry in Israel, Civil War, and God's Discipline

1 & 2 Chronicles - The Preservation of the Line of David and the Priesthood

Ecclesiastes – The Journal of Solomon

1 & 2 Corinthians – Healing the Divisions in the Church

Song of Solomon – The Love of Husband and Wife and of God and His Church

Isaiah – Prophetic Warnings and Promises

Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, 1 & 2 Thessalonians – Encouraging Words to Christian Churches

Jeremiah – Prophetic Warnings and Promises

Lamentations - The Destruction of Jerusalem and Prayer of Repentance

1 & 2 Timothy, Titus, Philemon – Encouraging Words to Christians

Ezekiel – Prophetic Warnings and Promises

James – Wise Advice to Christians

Daniel and the Twelve Prophets – Prophetic Warnings and Promises

1, 2, & 3 John, Jude & Revelation – Perseverance Through Persecution